The history of Golf Associates truly is one for the books. The Founder, Sherwood Pinkston, and his family, revolutionized scorecard printing with several cost-saving innovations. Until Sherwood entered the market, one-color scorecards (usually black ink on white paper) were the norm. In the early 1970s, Golf Associates elevated scorecards to a work of art with the first mass produced 4 color scorecard. With the support of talented staff, who became like family, the company enjoyed tremendous success. To this day, the team that was here ‘back in the day’ will tell you war stories about Sherwood and unflagging determination to build Golf Associates.

I became friends with Sherwood in the mid 1990s. When Sherwood passed away in 2014, his family approached me about assuming the management of Golf Associates. After four years of learning the operations, customers, and the challenges of printing in a rapidly emerging digital world, the opportunity to purchase the business became available to me. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit with full force. Armed with confidence in the employees, their belief in each other and the work ethic I witnessed, my wife and I proceeded with the purchase in June 2020. Positive results began showing up immediately.